Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Two-fer!

Okay, today ended on such a good note, that I've ended up taking TWO pictures of blessings.  Sorry for the joy overload!  

Our first blessing comes in the form of a giant iPad giveaway that we held on our adoption blog.   We got to enjoy the fun of giving today, as we gave away a brand new iPad to someone who had shown support for us in some way over the past two weeks.  It was so much fun!  Not only was it incredibly fun to make that phone call, but seeing all the names of people who had sent us a donation, or had shared our blog, or something along those lines.  There were so many names!  I felt so blessed!

Our second picture comes to you courtesy of Family Movie Night.  We decided that a week of being sick was enough moping around, and we were going to have fun (albeit low-key fun!) tonight.  So we popped in a movie we've been meaning to watch for, um, 3 months now (Muppets Family Christmas), made up some nachos, and camped out on the floor together.  Indoor picnics + fun movie = lots of giggles!  I am truly blessed by this family of mine.  :)

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  1. So cool! I love how your couches corral everyone in:)