Sunday, March 18, 2012

"The Gift"

Okay, another quick blessings post, and then I'm heading to bed.  March Madness kind of swallowed up my day today, I'll admit!   Now, it's late, and I'm sleepy!

Today's blessing is two-fold again:

It comes in the form of a Theology of the Body workbook.   Why is it a two-fold blessing?

1)  ToB has kind of revolutionized my own personal faith.   I'm not sure I would be where I am today without it....wait, I KNOW I would not be where I am today without it.   My life was completely flipped upside down when I started learning of JPII's amazing work..and it's continuing to be flipped upside down as I dig deeper and deeper into it.

2)  A group of 4 of us (all women, all different ages) have started meeting regularly for a Sunday brunch prayer group.  Together, we eat a yummy breakfast, we have lots of coffee (and sometimes mimosas!), and we break open more and more of this ToB workbook.  It has become a centering experience for me - one that can directly affect the flow of my week.  The weeks that I get to start in prayer and friendship like this are truly blessed ones.  Today was one of these brunch meetings - our first after a 3 week break due to scheduling conflicts.  It was much needed, and I feel truly blessed by our gathering today.  I am so lucky to have met these women and have them in my life!  Thank you, ladies! 

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