Monday, March 5, 2012

Gym Class

I'll admit, I didn't really look at today's blessing as a blessing even just six short months ago.  I've kind of put off letting our kids join any extracurricular activities for quite a long time.....mainly because I selfishly didn't want to have to cart them from activity to activity, and couldn't really find the motivation to commit our family to anything.   Basically, I was too lazy.

But all that changed this past fall.  We started down the homeschooling path, and I wanted to make sure that my very social little boys wouldn't feel deprived when it came to friends and interacting with peers.  Sooo...after much conversation, we decided to enroll them in a sport.  

After even more conversation, we decided to get them involved in gymnastics.  Really, the decision came down to what they enjoyed, their natural talents and abilities....and the fact that, at least for now, I wouldn't have to give up every Saturday morning/afternoon to sit in the beating sun, chasing their little brother around while they kicked - or hit- balls of varying sizes for hours.

Today, I felt totally blessed to have found the gym that they are receiving instruction at.  Their coaches are members of the ASU mens gymnastics team, and these guys are totally dedicated to their students.  I'll admit, college-aged guys are not usually people that I find myself trusting when it comes to sincerity and maturity....these guys have proven me wrong.  I'm sure that they, just like any other college guy that I've met, enjoy a good time, but, you'd never know it from the professionalism and enthusiasm they show in the gym.  They truly have been excellent role models for my three little guys.

I watched my oldest on the rings, working hard to grow in strength and technique, and saw the genuine joy and excitement on his coach's face as he "stuck" the landing (and gave Rascal #1 an EXUBERANT "high-five" to celebrate said landing), and felt incredible gratitude for their presence in our lives.  My boys are growing because of these college athletes - - and I feel truly blessed!

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