Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Go State!

Apparently, they're going back home, but the game was fun while it lasted!   Kudos to Louisville for playing hard the whole game, and good luck in the rest of the tournament.

Tonight's blessing was the chance to spend a couple of hours watching MSU basketball with my oldest two rascals (and a friend).   The boys had fun, I had fun, and while a win would have been awesome, it was just a blast spending time with them and at the game.  The travel band was there, Sparty was there, cheerleaders/dance team were there, and there were TONS of Spartan fans all around the arena - at times the noise was deafening.    I think a good time was had by all....

So today's blessing is brought to you by two excited little boys, and a whole team full of big boys and their awesome coach.   Go green!

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