Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ready, steady....GO!!!

I took the boys to a local farm to go pick some veggies today.  It was a beautiful day (yay for blue skies!), we were finished with school, and at $1.50/lb for organic couldn't really be beat.

The littlest rascal was a bit of a grump in the sun and with sand in his shoes (the boy does NOT like his feet to be dirty!!), and so today's blessing comes in the form of a sand pit.  The sand pit pretty much was the only place Rascal #3 enjoyed himself.   When we broke out the "jumping contests," he couldn't contain the giggles and laughter.

So today's blessing comes in the form of giggles and smiles of Rascal we perfected crazy, hair-flying jumps into the sand pit.  Enjoy!

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