Monday, March 12, 2012

Music makes the world go 'round...

So, I still feel pretty miserable, and kind of went to bed as early as possible last night, and missed posting.  I'll try to make up for it now!

Yesterday was a busy day.  We spent the morning price shopping and preparing for adoption bbq that's happening later this month, and then had an impromptu lunch date with friends at the Aloha Festival in Tempe.  It was fun - hot, but fun - and I was able to kind of forget about my ear for a little while.

After a quick stop home for a nap (yay, me!), we headed out again to go see one of my favourite musicians in concert.  Now, I don't get all excited for many musicians - I'm actually really bad at remembering the names of bands/singers and what songs go with them.  There are a few exceptions to this amnesia-esque problem that I seem to have, and last night, one of those exceptions was performing in our town.  

We went to see Audrey Assad, and up-and-coming Christian artist, who we first heard about 2 years ago, and fell in love with back then.  Like I said, there aren't too many artists that I get excited about, but she is one of them.  I do believe that her albums are the first ones (and probably only ones) that I've ever pre-ordered, and actually look forward to their release date.  Her music is just brilliant, and for an introverted melancholic like me.....the songs just manage to put my own thoughts and feelings into words in a way that very few musicians have before.  I highly recommend her work!  You can find out more about her here. Check it out!

Anywho - even though my ears were screaming from the volume level and the ear infection....the concert was definitely a blessing from the day.  

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