Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing catch-up

Okay, we've been hit by the stomach bug of all stomach bugs, apparently, so I'm playing catch up today.

Yesterday (Monday's) blessing occurred BEFORE the stomach bug rared it's ugly head.  It was a feast day (Feast of the Annunciation - which we happened to be learning about with Joseph's religion lessons), and so we decided to go celebrate by getting ice cream cones after dinner.   It was perfect:  yummy ice cream cones, happy little boys, and perfect temperatures/spring night.  A quick picture:

Today (Tuesday), the blessing came in another form.   Unfortunately, I was woken up at 3 am this morning, by a very upset little boy.  Why was he upset?  He'd just puked all over the side of my bed, while trying to wake me up.   I couldn't quite gather my wits quickly enough, because about 30 seconds later, I was also being puked on.  Literally.    The rest of the day continued along those lines (although, after some coffee, I managed to gather myself more quickly each time and catch the puke with a bowl, and not my pajamas).    So, today's blessing came in the form of a 30 minute reprieve when he took a nap and I could finally take a shower and remove the puke smell from my hair.  (Yuck!).  Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow!  

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