Saturday, March 24, 2012

Role Models

Okay, so today's blessing is again going to be one of a couple of pictures. Sorry in advance!

Today, the boys and I went down to downtown Phoenix to join in a rally for religious freedom.   As a Catholic, I am committed to fighting the direct attacks on our religious freedom and our ability to live (and work) according to our consciences.  For more information about these attacks, please go here

The rally - while a total blessing in itself, as I finally got to meet some wonderful people that I had only "met" online before today - was kind of a springboard for what I consider my "true" blessing for today.  You see, after the rally, I went home and plugged my camera into my computer and started transferring all the pictures I had taken from the day onto the computer.   The very first one that popped up on my screen was this one:

You can probably recognize my three rascals, squatting down on the landscaping gravel, carrying on a conversation with a man that you may not recognize.  This man - who impressed me by instantly crouching down to talk to the boys at their level, instead of forcing them to either stand up or tilt their head up at an uncomfortable angle - just so happens to be one of our priests at our parish.  The boys LOVE him.  (Mike and I are pretty fond of him, too).   

Three little boys, especially ones that are the age of my rascals (7, 6, and 3) can be really intimidating, especially for a guy the age of this priest.   The boys can be incredibly energetic....and often (especially with the 3 year old) speak a dialect that is incredibly difficult to translate.  (Example:  I'm pretty sure the 3 year old asked this very same priest if he was a witch after last weekend's Mass.  Oy....  Thankfully, his pronunciation isn't exactly clear, so I'm not sure if Father realized that's what he was saying....).  This particular priest isn't fazed by the energy of the rascals - and he has no problem getting down to their level and showing them respect.   As their parent, this is a characteristic that I am incredibly grateful to find in another person!

Anywho, this picture made me realize that we have been completely blessed with being able to have excellent role models for our boys.    I have been able to show my boys truly awesome men who are dedicated to their faith and to building up the Catholic Church - - and, more importantly - - that these men are real people.  I think too many of us (especially when we were younger) have this idea that priests (and consecrated religious) just kind of fade into the woodwork whenever there isn't a mass being celebrated, and aren't "real" people.  I love the fact that my boys can think of these guys and remember real conversations or experiences that they have had with them, and they can see that devoting your life to the Church is a GOOD thing, a BEAUTIFUL thing. 

So, I am thankful for the blessings of these men in our lives, and the example that they provide my boys.  One day, my little rascals will be men too, and I can only hope that they will follow in the footsteps of these role models.  

Thanks so much for your leadership and your service!

Thank you, Brother Rex!


Heehee...Sassy Father Nathan - thanks for putting up with my rascals!

So blessed have Bishop Olmsted as our shepherd, and even more blessed that he takes the time to greet the boys directly (and by this, I mean, he asks them questions directly related to their lives - questions about their dogs, homeschooling, etc - which make them feel SO special and respected)  whenever we see him.

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