Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Blessed Day

Today was another one of those days where I have a bazillion photos that I could share to depict a blessing (and they're all on Facebook, so you nosier readers can go look at them there)....but I think I've got it pretty narrowed down to just one.  I'm bending the rules a little bit - technically, it IS a photo that I took today......but a friend of mine edited it a bit and embellished it into an amazing scrapbook page.   Sooo....I'm going to consider it a picture that I took today.  ;-)

Today was a great day.   Our oldest rascal made his First Reconciliation today.  He glowed with joy afterward.  It was a beautiful sight.  My own first confession experience was much less than ideal (let's just say moving from one diocese (state) to another as an 8 year old and missing the whole First Reconciliation process in BOTH states...and then having your 3rd grade teacher not believe that you'd never done this before and force you to go anyways does NOT lead to a good first impression of the sacrament.  It took a LONG time for me to get over that panic/fear that stemmed from that experience).  Watching Joseph go through the preparation - and getting to walk with him through it - and then seeing the joy on his face today after experiencing God's grace in this incredible way was amazing.  I'm incredibly thankful for everyone that helped get him to today, and feel so blessed to be able to share in this with him.

It was a good day.  :-)

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