Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday: Date Night

Okay, so I'm a day delayed ... I kind of had a rough night last night with this cold thingy we're battling.  Apparently, adults can get ear infections, and I had a night dealing with pain from my ear, and sitting on the computer was NOT what I had in mind - sorry!  I can honestly say that I now know why babies cry nonstop with ear infections.  I was doing that last night, too!!

Anywho, before the ear pressure/pain issue, we headed out for a quick date night.  Adding date nights back into our lives has definitely been a blessing over the past few months.  Before moving here, we just didn't have enough free time (or income) to be able to pay for a babysitter and pay to go do something without the kids in tow.    Here, the cost of everything is just cheaper, overall, and it gives us enough wiggle room to be able to do monthly date nights.  Last night was one of those nights - and it was hilarious.

We gave up going out to eat for Lent, so we couldn't really do our normal date night of dinner in a restaurant.  We ended up bowling ... something we haven't really done in YEARS.  It was definitely entertaining, and the constant stream of 80s music made it even more so.  It was a good night - lots of laughter.

So, today, I'm thankful for date night.  

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