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I'm kind of stealing this idea from my friend Donna, but I know she doesn't mind.   You see, we've had this discussion quite a bit over in our mommy group- that the best way to find joy in your everyday life is to try to be more grateful for the small things.    The more you look for blessings - - the more you will spot them.

I've blogged A LOT about joy - finding it, choosing it, and actively working on increasing it - over the past month or so.  You may have noticed that it's been on my mind a lot.  ;)   One of the things that keeps coming to mind, over and over again, is how I want to be a witness to joy in my life.  I want to encourage everyone around me to find their joy-filled moments and focus on them.

Our world is so negative - we are constantly bombarded by depressing news reports, advertisements and TV shows (yes, HGTV, I am looking at you) that reinforce the idea that we don't have enough or aren't good enough, aisle after aisle of self-help books and magazines  - and it leaves most of us with a strong sense of restlessness.   We're not content. We're not able to see the silver lining of any struggles we may have, and it leaves us bitter and depressed.

It doesn't have to be that way.   Yes, life is hard.   There are often struggles that seem totally and completely overwhelming.    

But have you ever noticed that the very people that you would think have every right to be downcast and bitter and depressed - the ones with the biggest struggles - are often the ones who just exude joy?    You find yourself wanting to be around them - because you are drawn to their witness to joy.

We can be a witness to joy, too.   It starts with being grateful.   Being thankful for the good things - no matter how little - in your everyday life.     They are there - even if it takes some major digging to find them.

So....I invite you to find them with me.   I'm going to be doing this on Thursdays - join me.   Steal the graphic above, post it on your own blog, and start telling the world why you are thankful.   Saying it out loud (well, typing it on a webpage, really) will make it more concrete.  Leave the link to your own page in the comments here so we can spread the joy and start a movement.  ;)

Let's see if we can make the world a bit more at a time.

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