Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Poem 2013

The hard copies should be arriving in family mailboxes later this week!   To all of our friends, we're sorry we can't send out hard copies to everyone!!  Please accept the virtual version, and know that if we could possibly mail this to all of you, we would!!  

Much love from the Circus and Merry Christmas to all!

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the Tent,
The Circus was sleeping, as all were quite spent!
2013 had brought many changes, and as snow was beginning to fall,
the time had come for cuddling and early bedtimes for all.

Mike’s new job had brought them back home to good old Maine.
Though they missed Arizona, it was great to be in the Pine Tree State again!
He loved his new job, though, and the Circus settled in well.
Right back in their old New England home, with many desert stories to tell.

Heidi worked hard at home, as the head teacher to three little boys.
Their days were full of lessons, laughter, and lots of toys.
She loved her days, snuggled in the house in the trees,
Surrounded by four boys, two dogs, one hamster, seven chickens, and lots of leaves,

Believe it or not, Joseph has turned nine.
His favourite activities are reading and playing out in the yard of pine.
He’s a state champion gymnast, who loves flying high.
You’ll often find him twisting, turning, and flipping through the sky.

Graham is now seven, about to be eight.
He loves spending time in the kitchen with Mommy, and crafting a plate.
He, too, was on the state champion gymnastics team.
His focus, strength, and willpower make his teammates cheer and scream.

Nicholas is now five, and quite the little rascal.
He loves to cuddle and read, and cheers us all with an awesome cackle.
He’s quirky and fun, a true joy to behold.
We just can’t wait to see him grow up, and imagine the stories that will be told!

A toddler named Theo will be our newest addition,
As soon as we’re called to send our obstetrician.
To the other side of the world, Daddy will fly,
Hopefully next February, to bring home our little guy.

Circus clown 5.0, we are happy to say,
Should be here to join us, sometime next May.
This little one is growing quite well, and seems to be strong.
We can’t wait to have him/her at the Circus, just where they belong.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for following along
With our silly little poem, or perhaps even a song.
Healthy and happy, we hope that you all are,
Please know that we love you and send Christmas wishes from afar!