Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick Takes - Blessings Version

Well, Lent is off to a bang, of course.  ;)   So far, so good, but there are definitely some stresses being thrown our way.  If I could ask for prayers for a special intention, I'd greatly appreciate them!  Thanks!

Joining up with Jen today, once again....


I thought it might be fun to rejoin the Quick Takes movement, for nothing else but to feature some of the blessings we'd found throughout the week.   I'm not always the most regular blogger these days (as I'm sure you've noticed!), so this is my way of "catching up."   Maybe it's cheating, maybe it's being resourceful.  I dunno.   It is what it is!

Some of you may have seen these earlier in the week on FB, but here are a few bits of photographic evidence for MY blessings....

On Wednesday, I came downstairs from the bedrooms to find the boys - on their own! - cleaning.  They each decided to clean their "cubbies" (by the door), and then went on to clean (and vacuum!) the playroom!  Way to go, boys!!


Some of the boys blessings from the blessing jar:

"Rascal #2 cleaned the playroom for me."  - Rascal #1


"Rascal #1 helped me build Legos."  - Rascal #2


"Rascal #2 made my bed for me as a surprise."  - Mommy


"Seeing Rascal #5!" - Daddy

(The perks of what Daddy does for a living - his office needed to decide between two different ultrasound machines because they are getting a new one.   They needed a pregnant patient to try them both out on.   *raises hand*  So, yesterday, we got to take a quick peek at our little girl, who we hadn't seen in a couple of months since our 20 week ultrasound.   She's chubbing up and so cute!)


What about you?  Are you keeping your eyes open for blessings this Lent?   It's hard, with the stress level around our house right now (please pray!), but I'm already feeling the effects of looking for the positive - the sun seems to be shining brighter, even if it is as cold as the North Pole out there still, the boys seem to be playing more nicely together and helping each other out more, and my faith and hope seems to be strengthening.  Even though there is a lot going on right now, and most of it is out of our control, I'm finding peace in these little moments.   God has not forgotten me, and will not do so now, even with what the world throws at us.   Can you join me in praising Him today for the blessings in your life?  Post them below in the comments!

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