Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Go Green!

I have a very long blog post rattling around in my head, and I promise that I will try to put it down on paper (um, computer screen?) tomorrow.  This year's Lenten season has kind of taken me by surprise and hasn't been anything like I expected - or planned - and I wanted to reflect on that a bit.  Lots to share and talk about...that's for sure!

Anywho, today's blessing comes in the form of a friend who is helping me to make Rascal #2's Thursday night this week.  You see, this particular rascal is a HUGE sports fan.  Seeing as his mommy and daddy both are Spartans (Michigan State Spartans, to be exact), Rascal #2 also cheers for the green and white.

It just so happens that MSU is heading into the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA tournament....and will be playing, here in town, on Thursday night.  I'd been watching for tickets, hoping to snag at least a couple so I could take the big rascals to their first college hoops game, but the prices out there were just outrageous......

......and here is where the awesome friend enters in.  With a simple text message last night, I was made aware that there were 3 extra tickets - offered at face value - up for grabs for Thursday's MSU game.  I snagged them as quickly as I could, and now have the opportunity to take Rascals 1 and 2 to go cheer on the Spartans on Thursday!  Woo-hoo!  

So, a huge thank you to my friend, and I'll be posting more pictures soon, I'm sure!

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