Monday, March 12, 2012

The best toy EVER!!

Okay, okay, I've complained a lot about being sick, and I'm sorry for that, but it seems like this cold just likes its new residence SOOOOOO much that it's not moving on.  Today, I spent the majority of the day feeling like I was wearing earplugs....but without anything actually being in my ears.  The world is a much quieter place when it's on "mute."  ;-)

Today's blessing picture was snapped quickly with my phone, so sorry for the not-as-great quality.   I had to sneak a picture when no one was looking, because today's blessing was in use pretty much all day today by the rascals.   With not being able to hear, and needing to get caught up on household chores and tasks, I felt extremely grateful for today's blessing:  legos.

Now, I personally feel that Legos are one of the best toys ever created.  I've stepped on my fair share (which is not fun, but easily avoided by wearing slippers in the house), and even with the pain of stepping on a sharp little plastic block, I think I'd still rank Legos as the one of the best investments a parent could ever make (and this goes for boys OR girls).

The boys pulled out a Lego police station set, tore it apart, and worked together for HOURS putting it back together.  Rascal #1 patiently explained to Rascals #2 and #3 how to read the instruction booklet and then led them through each step....even cheering when they completed the steps correctly.  This silly police station bought me a couple hours of peace and quiet...and time to catch up on my chores without straining to talk (and listen).  It was fabulous.

So today's blessing, invented in the 1940s but still going strong today, are Legos, the best toy ever!

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