Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today's cell phone?!?!

Today's blessing is my cell phone?!?!?!

Even though I am fully addicted to my "external brain," feeding that addiction isn't the reason for today's blessing coming in the form of my cell phone.

Today's blessing is my cell phone because of a text message I received earlier today - you don't get a picture of that, though.  Gotta respect privacy and all, you know!  ;-)

Anywho, in my pre-Arizona life, I worked as a youth minister at our local Catholic parish.  I loved my job.  Sure, it was hard at times (especially the times I had to cart around three rambunctious boys at church functions), and there were lots of hours and very little pay involved....but it was probably my most favourite job that I've ever held.  I was able to feel like I made a difference - even if it was just in one or two people's lives - and I was able to share my love of the Catholic Church with some of the most amazing teenagers that I've ever met.  The job was unique in that while it exhausted rejuvenated me at the same time.  I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity.

So, today's text was in response to yesterday's blessing:  Rascal #1's First Reconciliation.  A former teen - who is now off at college on their own - sent me a quick text to let me know that after seeing Rascal #1's First Reconciliation pictures, they, too, decided to go to confession and they felt great now and just wanted to let me know.

Today's blessing reminded me of a few very important points:

1) We are social creatures - meant to live in communion with each other.  What one of us does can (and will ) affect everyone around us.  We would do well to remember this!

2)  I feel so lucky to be able to experience all that the Catholic Church has to offer.  We have such a rich, deep faith .... and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Church family.

3)  This one is a shout-out to all of you from the youth ministry world:  I am truly and completely blessed to have met you and gotten to know you over the past 5ish years.  You all - in some way or another - have shaped me and my family, and for that I am grateful.  Keep texting, emailing, and FBing - you brighten my life, daily!!  <3

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