Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Village

(Delayed post from Wednesday)


I seem to have come down with the dreaded stomach illness, so sorry for the delay!  I'm starting to feel better, though, so I'm hopeful that it won't be as bad for me as for the littlest rascal!

It's a day late, but yesterday's blessing came in the form of what I've started calling the "village."  

You see, we're on this crazy journey called adoption, and are working incredibly hard to bring our little boy home from Hong Kong.  You can read about that on our adoption blog.  

We've been incredibly blessed by this community of people who have seemingly come out of the woodwork to shower us in support from the moment we announced our adoption journey.  It's been crazy, really - completely overwhelming.

Yesterday, it really hit me when I watched bidding start to really pick up on our online fundraising auction.   Watching people that we didn't even know come forward to pay full price for items we were auctioning off (people usually go to auctions to try and get cheap deals, not to pay full price!!) really hit me.  We are truly blessed to have been welcomed into this village of support!  Thank you all!

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