Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well, the littlest rascal perked back up a bit today, which meant we actually got to go to Mass as a family.  (If he had still been refusing to walk on his own or eat or drink, we would have had to go to church in shifts...).  This made me a very happy Heidi - Palm Sunday Mass is one of my favourites,  and I know from past experience that being on my own during the very, very long Gospel reading with little boys is not exactly the definition of a good time....

But it didn't matter - rascal #3 was close to his normal self by the time 5 pm rolled around, and so the entire family headed out to church.   After a beautiful Mass, we headed home to grill our dinner and relax on the back patio.

The weather was perfect, the kiddos were happy, the smells delicious.....and the sunset was beautiful.  Today's blessing was definitely the end of the day - enjoyable in every way!

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