Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday!!

I made it!  I didn't keep all of my Lenten resolutions, and Lent did NOT shape up at all like I had planned it to....but I did manage to keep my promise of capturing a blessing a day in the way of a photograph.  Yes, some days may have been delayed with the "publish" button....but they're there.  All of them.

And today's blessing?'s Easter Sunday!   Today's blessing is the Resurrection.   Today's blessing is the ability to celebrate our redemption with my family.  The giggles.  The smiles.  The music.  The homily (Fr Oliver was ON FIRE TODAY!).  The shared meal with good friends.   The hugs.  The cuddles.  The adorable little boy dress-up ties that my children wore to Mass.

Today was a blessing that cannot be defined in human words.   

I don't think pictures will even be able to express today's blessings.  I'll try.  It will take more than one.

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