Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Monday's post (sorry, a day late!):

A long time ago, when our oldest rascal was only 8 months old, he was very very sick and became severely dehydrated.  We ended up having to admit him into the local hospital for rehydration.  The doctor made a joke that they called dehydrated babies "Insta-babies" because once you added water, POOF! they were back to normal.   

We had an insta-baby here today.  Rascal #3 appears to be back at full strength.  He's eating everything in his path, running and playing (and pushing his brothers' buttons).   In other words....he is back to normal!

So today's blessing was a cute little 3 year old who finally feels better....because I actually got TWO loads of laundry done, tortillas made, a house cleaned, and a WHOLE DAY OF SCHOOL DONE!  Woo-hoo!

He was sooooo happy to be back at swim lessons this week!

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