Tuesday, April 3, 2012

School Time Fun

Today's blessing is two-fold (again, sorry!  I don't know how to be brief, apparently!).  It was captured quickly, with my phone, so sorry about the quality!  

To me, this picture represents the blessing that home schooling has brought into our lives.  Things are more relaxed, there is more laughter, and the relationships being fostered between the boys are amazing.    Oh yeah, and they are thriving academically, too, which is so much fun to see!

Today's picture represents the blessing that is home schooling....and the blessing of having three little boys that can create anything out of construction paper, some tape, and a few props.   After being told they could use a box of random art supplies to create a costume depicting anyone they wanted.....it warmed my heart to see my middle rascal dressed up as Abe Lincoln.   Their creativity, their love of history, and the giggles I heard while they were planning out and creating their masterpiece brightened my morning immensely! 

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