Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Takes - vol 7

Once again, thanks to Jen for hosting!  


We're going to be a bit picture-heavy this week (sorry).   It's been a very hot week, and it's made for some very interesting photo ops!   First up is a shot of my superheroes.    It's been too hot to play outside for very long, so we've been getting creative inside the house.    The boys have developed elaborate story lines and characters....I introduce you to Superhero Rascals!


The few times that we've been outside this week, the boys jumped on the chance to get dirty.  (Of course they did, they're very rascally boys).   Dirt, bugs, and little boys - it goes together, right?   Anywho, last night they decided to make a "bug habitat" for a few random lucky beetles plucked from our backyard.  The beetles weren't there when we got up this morning, so apparently they didn't like the deluxe accommodations provided a Le Bug Habitat.  


Another favourite way of staying cool around here are mid-afternoon baths.  You see, the afternoon hours are the most expensive when it comes to trying to keep the house cool.  The price of electricity kind of skyrockets during that part of the day (in an attempt to keep people from draining the sources, I'm assuming).  Anywho, how do we combat that?   By throwing the rascals into the bathtub.   If they're wet, they don't notice that the house has crept up to a cozy 80º and is stuffy from the blinds being drawn and lack of air movement.    So, they play in the water, and I take a break and read while hanging out in the bathroom.  It's a win-win, especially when there is iced coffee involved!


Speaking of iced coffees, have you all tried Pioneer Woman's iced coffee deliciousness?   If not, you need to.  It is truly awesome.   I have a new addiction.   Amazingness in a glass.


On our adoption blog, we've got an awesome giveaway going on.  You could end up getting one of these in the mail from us:

Do you want it?  Go check out the adoption blog for details!!


Hmmm.....I'm out of pictures from this week already.  I thought I had taken more.    Well that kind of screwed up my Quick Takes plans.  Hmmm....okay, I'm reaching into the iPhoto archive here with one.      It's just one of my favourites....Enjoy!

My favourite rascals, enjoying the snow at our house back in Maine


We'll be heading to MI next week to spend a week and a half visiting family.  I'll try to update from there, but if you don't hear from me until August, don't worry!  We'll just be enjoying Northern Michigan and all it has to offer.  :-)

And with that, another Quick Takes post is over!   Make sure to check the others out over at Jen's!

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