Monday, July 30, 2012

MI vacation, take 4....Family!

And of course, the main reason we headed to northern MI?  To see family, of course!   This is a HUGE photo post - sorry for the picture dump!

Hammocks and Mommy...what could be better?

Huge table full of family and Red Mesa- YUM!

Swimming with Daddy

Movies with cousins on a rainy day

Brotherly love on the way down state

Baba (great Grandma) watching the water fun (Daddy and Rascal #3 on the sailboat in the background)


Cousins waiting for fireworks

Grandma, Papa, and Daddy

Catching a ride on the Grandma-mobile

Aunts and uncles and cousins, oh my!

Rascal #1 and his second cousin?  (what's it called when they're the child of first cousins?)

Lakeside reunions......

......mean LOTS of dishes to wash

Impromptu bowling

More rainy day fun

Visiting Baba and enjoying some candy!

Colouring with Grandma

Cousins waiting for the parade

Stylin' Rascal #3

Silly kiddos waiting for the parade

Cousins and best buddies, apparently!

They weren't too sure what to think....

Frisbee prizes from a parade?  Cool!

Learning how to play Solitaire while waiting for fireworks

Dancing to the music

Just hanging out....

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