Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Excitement and Anticipation

It's no secret around here that our family loves gymnastics.

Men's gymnastics, to be specific.    

The big boys have been taking gymnastics lessons for about a year now, and are totally in love with the sport.  As a parent, I've been thoroughly enjoying watching them grow in dedication and commitment, as well as physical strength and abilities.   It's been a good fit for our family, and we're very thankful for the awesome gym that they practice at.   

A few weekends ago, the entire family hunkered down for the weekend and spent a good number of hours in front of the TV (which usually doesn't happen around here!).    


It was Olympic trials time.....and we watched it all!  Swimming, track and field, and of course, lots of gymnastics.   Lots of gymnastics.

Imagine our excitement when the men's team was announced....and one of our local residents was named as an alternate!   While only an alternate, he's ranked 1st in the entire country on the pommel horse, which happens to be rascal #1's absolute favourite event.  

Last night was a going-away event for this gymnast.   We packed up the boys, and a few friends, and headed out to his gym to wish him well on his way to London.    It was great - the boys were totally awed by this clean-cut, polite gymnast who took the time to give the crowd a quick pep talk about always trying to do your best and being dedicated to practice.

They were so excited to get to wish him well.   I'm thinking that watching the gymnastics competition in a few weeks is going to be even more exciting for our rascals.   There's a really good chance that this athlete is going to be able to compete (one of the men on the team currently has an ankle injury and may not be able to compete), and if that happens, the boys will be glued to the television, I'm thinking!   

The anticipation of the Olympic games is almost palpable in our house right now.  How about yours?

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