Friday, July 27, 2012

MI vacation, take 3: Northern MI

We did a bunch of exploring yesterday - hitting up some of our favourite spots in Northern MI.   The beach, the best restaurant up here, and a new stop: an international "dark sky" park (a place specifically designed to observe the night sky).   Lots of fun to be had, and plenty of pictures were taken!  Enjoy!

What do we do when it's raining?   Stop and get a tour of a chocolate factory!

It smelled sooooooo good in there!

The sky started to clear up as we picnicked in Harbor Springs

Beautiful mission church, founded by Servant of God Bishop Baraga

And...we made it to our favourite beach between raindrops!

Hunting for Petoskey stones and mugging for the camera

Big smiles for the beach!

We couldn't stop laughing at Rascal #3, who INSISTED that this was his "real" smile

cuddling in the cold lake water

Waiting for our table at the yummiest restaurant ever

Polish lesson time!

Silly boy, waiting for his table
Rascal #1 has to practice his gymnastics everywhere, of course!

Grandma and Papa

Love this place!

Starting the sunset in this beautiful spot

And finishing it in a new one!  What an adventure!
The lake was like a mirror - so beautiful!

Exploring at sunset

The lake was so calm!

The clouds rolled in, but it was still gorgeous!

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  1. That looks like so much fun. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves.