Monday, July 16, 2012


Of pictures, that is.

Today's post is kind of a hodge-podge of all kinds of thoughts.  A mini-quick takes, if you will.

I need more coffee if you want more than that.  Besides, I hear the munchkins starting to stir upstairs, which means my 2 minute quiet time with hot coffee before anyone wakes up will be all I have to work with today.

So, I present to you......Picture Potluck!  (All snapped with my trusty old cell phone - sorry for the horrible quality!)

Meet Angel Brady.   This dog is such a good playmate for the rascals!!

Rascal #2 insisted on having a mohawk shaved into his head at his last haircut.   I feel like a cool, relaxed mom whenever I see his hair now!    

Ending with this snapshot from our drive home from Mass last night.  (Yes, I was stopped at a stoplight when I snapped it).   The sky was brilliant - a storm rolling through and the sun setting behind it.   How can you not believe in God if you see this amazing, awesome sight?

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