Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick Takes, vol 6


Some of you may have noticed, but Mike and I both deactivated our FB accounts this week.  No, we didn't "unfriend" anyone or anything like that - we're just taking a bit of time to focus on family.   We'll be back....eventually.


One of the reasons we deactivated was because this month is going to be spent doing a lot of traveling. The whole family is heading out to the great state of Michigan for a nice, 10-day vacation to visit friends and family.    We're looking forward to it...except for the 4 hour flight with 3 children!!   Any tips?   Our kids travel in the car really well, but they've hardly flown (I think the littlest rascal hasn't flown at all, now that I think about it, which means the big two were probably too young to remember our last flight together).     What should I make sure I bring with me?


It's hot here.   My tap water is no longer cold coming out of the faucet.  We've officially hit the stage of AZ summer where even brushing your teeth is done with hot water.   Yuck.    Our escape to Michigan can't come soon enough!!


Speaking of Facebook, a friend of mine sent me a couple of links,  relating to my previous post on friendship and how it's changed in the Facebook era.   The first is a great set of "guidelines" for Catholics when participating in social media, from the USCCB.   Pretty good guidelines, I think.   What say you?


The second was an interesting opinion article about the top 13 reasons why this author isn't on Facebook.   So much food for thought crammed into this one.   Do you recognize yourself in any of the  reasons?   Do you agree with him?


The one that really jumped out at me was in regards to hobbies.  I used to have a bazillion hobbies (well, maybe not that many, but definitely more than one!!).   My favourite hobby was to read.  I read everything I could get my hands on.   I very clearly remember my mom chastising me time and time again because I was reading at the table - but that's what I did!   I had the hardest time putting down a book, and I usually had 5 or 6 on the go at a time.  I'd carry one with me, at all times, for that stolen moment here and there that I was able to sneak in a page or two.   Now, I hardly read at all.   Have I neglected my hobbies in favour of social media?   Definitely lots to think about with this one for me.....


Leaving you with my favourite picture from our 4th of July adventures.  We went to see the town's fireworks, after spending the morning enjoying a rainstorm, and the afternoon enjoying the cooler weather the rain brought with it.   It was a great night - ended with sparklers and pajamas on the back patio.  I love my family!

Once again, thank you to Jen for hosting!

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