Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I Love My Husband

Joining up with Kaitlin today!  :)

Today's reason for why I love Mike?  

These gross little buggers:


You see, the other night, I was sitting peacefully on the living room couch, much later than I probably should have been but Mike was on call and I was enjoying the quiet house.  Until I heard them.  Having a party in my wall, directly behind my head.  

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

I know we live in the woods.  And it's cold.  I know this.....but those little buggers are not allowed inside my house.  At all.

I told Mike about it and he took it upon himself to work on kicking them out.   The house perimeter was inspected.....traps were set.....and he waited for them to get caught.

So why is this my reason for loving him?   Because he doesn't expect me to do ANY of it.   I'm  a pretty independent girl but I tell you, I'm not at all a fan of mice.  Dead or alive.   So, he doesn't ask me to check the traps or empty them.  He doesn't ask me to crawl around the basement, looking for their little mouse doorway from the outside world.   He just does it.  Even when he's tired and post-call and has no desire to take care of it.  Without a mention to me or asking for help.

This boy's a keeper, y'all.

(and if you were curious, we caught a couple houseguests the first weekend the traps were out, but nothing in over a week, and there have been no more loud parties in our walls.   Fingers crossed we caught them in time!)

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