Monday, March 4, 2013

The Boston Classic

This weekend was one of those that is actually really busy....but feels like a vacation.  The past two weeks had been really demanding, with Mike working lots of call shifts (which means he stays at the hospital and I'm on my own with the rascals), and traveling to and from Phoenix for surgical training.   I think we all needed a "weekend away," kids included!   The weekend away may have been a busy one full of sightseeing/homeschooling and gym meets, but it still was a break from the ordinary and felt like a mini vacation.

We headed down Saturday, prepared to explore the Freedom Trail.  I don't know how many of you have been to Boston before, but I think the Freedom Trail might be my most favourite tourism invention ever.   It seems so simple - a red line painted (or made out of red bricks) along the sidewalk - but is brilliant when it comes to controlling the tourist population.   As a tourist, it makes seeing the history of an otherwise very confusing city (pre-city engineering, I'm pretty sure) quite simple.   Stay on the red line......see all the important historical places!
Yummy Pad Thai in Quincy Market

We'd done a little mini unit on Paul Revere when talking about the American Revolution with Rascal #1 earlier this year.   I knew we'd have a meet in Boston at some point during the competition season, and I wanted to make the most out of our trip south.     Doing the entire Freedom Trail in one day would have been too much for our rascals (especially #3), so I focused solely on one character - Paul Revere.  The night before we left, I printed out an awesome Junior Ranger booklet from the National Park Service for each rascal, bound them in folders, and packed up crayons, pencils, and markers for all.

Working hard at Faneuil Hall

Drawing what they see at Paul Revere's house
A quick bite to eat at Quincy Market and a stop at Faneuil Hall to work on the workbook, and we were off to explore Paul Revere's house.   The kids had so much fun - doing the mini unit in advance was definitely a plus.   They knew what they were looking at, a general idea of what happened in each location, and a bit of the story of Paul Revere's life, so looking at the different exhibits meant quite a bit more to them.   It was fun for us all - even Rascal #3!    I think I fall in love with homeschooling a little bit more each day.....

Then it was off to check into our swanky hotel (seriously - one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in!), thanks to the fact that we're officially over the occupancy limit of most hotels and need to stay in a "suite" and can't afford the ones right inside the city.   It was a great room, and very close to our favourite restaurant (PF Chang's, woot!), as well as the meet site.   

Up and at 'em early the next morning, as the meet check-in started at 7:30.   When we got there, the observation seats were already crazy full - people had been getting there since before 7 am!   Future reference - get to the Boston Classic early!

Both boys had an awesome meet - we are very proud parents.  These are some of the strongest teams in all of New England, and a very fierce competition for our little Mainers.   They held their own - even medaling in a few of the events.   One more meet in a few weeks (State championship), and then their inaugural season will draw to a close!   Definitely happy with their interest in gymnastics - these are great guys that they're around, and we're very happy with the level of athleticism they're being taught, as well as the sportsmanship.  In gymnastics, it's just as important to show respect and class as it is to perform the actual athletic routines.    We appreciate that, as parents trying to raise gentlemen.

Enjoy the pictures!

The sea of 116 gymnasts

Rascal #2 was waiting for his turn to compete on his hardest event (pommel), and the team picked up on his nerves....

Rascal #1

Rascal #2

Rascal #1 and #2, waiting for their turns to compete.

Rascal #1
Rascal #2

Rascal #2
Rascal #2 - he had his best ever rings routine

Rascal #2

Rascal #1, getting ready for his best-ever high bar routine

Rascal #1
Same move, but Rascal #2

Such determination - Rascal #2 on the floor

Rascal #1 on the floor

They both had great meets, but Rascal #2 rocked this one - he did REALLY well!

Not our kiddos in the picture.....but proof that Nancy Kerrigan is at our meets, haha.    Her son competes against our boys - and she was asked to pass out the medals/awards yesterday

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  1. Very cool. You could really see the difference in the new videos. I love that you can see tgeir coach is pleased in the shot with Graham.