Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I Wore Sunday - Kaleidoscope version

Hi all!

It's been a busy day here, but my favourite kind of busy:  Mass, lunch out with friends, a drive along the coast of Maine to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and then home for a delicious dinner waiting for us in the crockpot.  

Hanging out again with the FLAP gang.  :)  

Business time! 

Alright, no further delays, here's the outfit:

don't mind the Wii mess behind me......I kind of forgot it was there, haha

The details:

I decided that it was 50┬║ outside, goshdarnit, and I was going to dress for spring.  Even if I froze a little on the way to and from the car.   We Mainers are crazy like that.   Anywho, I was fine at Mass, so it all worked out.   Spring dresses, here I come!

This dress is sleeveless, which I don't like to do during Mass, so had to dig out a little sweater to go with it...this was the first time I wore either the dress or the sweater, so it took a little bit of getting used to.   My only real complaint?  It is a linen/cotton blend and wrinkled REALLY easily.  Add that to the sitting/standing/kneeling stuff during Mass, and, backside was permanently wrinkled, even though I ironed it before we left, and it kinda bothered me.   I'll have to reserve this dress for "mostly standing" events, I think.

Dress and sweater:  I picked them up at JC Penny's....have no clue what brand.  I forgot to look and the kids are heading to bed right now, so I don't want to be digging through my closet at the moment
Shoes:  good ol' Target again...

Mass grades:

Daylight savings time kind of did us in - the boys had to be woken up this morning (NEVER happens), and they were obnoxiously tired at Mass today.   I almost made them go apologize to Father for the obnoxious yawns and fidgeting from their place in the front pew.   Anywho, their grades:

Rascal #1:  B
Rascal #2:  B
Rascal #3:  C  (he insisted on sitting UNDER the pew for most of Mass, no matter how many times I pulled him out.  Sigh).

Now the fun part - I do a regular post here titled "Kaleidoscope."  Basically, just a compilation of random pictures that I want to share with friends and family....but have absolutely nothing to do with each other.   It's time for another one of those! :)  Enjoy!

From our drive today...somewhere along coastal Maine.  I love this state!

Rascal #2's latest bug poster

From our snow storm a few weeks ago - looking out our back door (heehee....totally singing CCR in my head right now)

The one and only picture I snapped on the silly carousel in our local mall before the carousel employee yelled at me because apparently photos and videos are not allowed.

Rascal #1 stole my phone

Boothbay Harbor - a stop on our drive today

an AWESOME house that's for sale that we found today - it's only $1million.  Who wants to go in on it with us?  ;)

The boys decorated their calendar for Good Friday.  <3

Alright, gotta run - have a great week, all!


  1. I dressed to "encourage" spring along today as well. Love the color of your dress. So flattering.

  2. Cute outfit! I also dressed for spring today and even wore my Trench coat which doesn't have a lining.

    I was glad to see the boys had marked the calendar for Good Friday! :) You are training them well. I have marked my calendar for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the best of all EASTER! since I was about 12 and still do. Have a great week.

    Oh, tell Joseph my dad put the jelly beans out last week. :)