Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick Takes

Hanging out with Jen again today!


Good morning, all.   I've had all these great ideas for quick takes all week, and now when I'm sitting here to type them all out......I can't remember a single doggone one.   Whoops.   This should be interesting.


Let's see.  How about a prayer request to start off the weekend?   Could you all say a prayer for Rascals 1 and 2, and Mike?  They just left for a Father/Son weekend.  We're calling it a retreat, but really Mike is taking them away for the weekend as an end to their First Holy Communion and Confirmation prep.  This is the fun of homeschooling. :)  We've been working on them getting ready to receive the sacraments all year, and now that we're getting close to the actual date (the 19th), Mike is taking the two boys on a weekend away.  He's got all kinds of activities planned - hikes, crafts, lessons about the gifts of the Holy Spirit - and it should be an amazing weekend for them.  Please join me in surrounding them in prayer!


Throw a couple extra prayers my way, if you would be so kind.   I'm slightly nervous about being on my own with Rascal #3.  I have a lot to get done this weekend, all while being the sole entertainment for a four year old who is used to having two big brothers around.   I'm worried I'm going to be tired and cranky.....and not very patient.   Pray for us!


Speaking of the four year old, he made me giggle yesterday.  It was a holy day of obligation, so we headed to mass around noon (I was supposed to go at 9 am, but it was raining when we woke up - that soft, calming, soothing rain - and the boys were sleeping SOOOOO soundly that I just couldn't bring myself to wake them.   Noon is not normally a good time for mass with Rascal #3 - he gets antsy - but I thought I would try if it meant that they could get some good sleep).    Anywho, at one point, I was holding him on my hip and he was craning his neck wwaaaaaaayyyyyy back to look at the ceiling (he's fascinated by the basilica's architecture).   He whipped his head back up quickly (I thought he was going to hurt himself!!) and whispered excitedly:  "MOM!!   It looks like we're under a boat in here!"   Needless to say, I got a kick out of that, and here's why.   For all you naysayers that claim art and architecture cannot convey theological concepts.....well....even my 4 year old picked up on some things.   So there.  


My favourite shirts are on sale at Target for $7.  Consider this your public service announcement.  I went and stocked up yesterday, mainly because my first round of them had lived a long and glorious life but all of my shirts were slowly dying a painful death of holes (Am I the only one that struggles with getting clothes caught on things and ripping holes in them?!?!) and armpit stains (is there a remedy for this?!?!).    These shirts are awesome.  Just enough spandex to make them look fitted and fancier than a regular old tshirt, but soft and comfortable like your favourite tshirt.  You can dress them up with accessories and skirts.....or wear them with jeans for an everyday kind of look.   Love love love them.  So excited to have nice shirts again - maybe now I'll stop wearing my "hole-y" shirt to mass!   

*cough cough if Target wants to give me free shirts for this glowing review, I would not fight it**

Let's see, let's see.  What else did I want to tell you about this week?   Oh right!    My dear friend Kara is working hard to adopt a little boy from eastern Europe, and she was given the opportunity to do a fantabulous giveaway as a fundraiser.  The top prize is a pack of FOUR park hopper tickets to Disneyland OR Disney World....and that's just the big prize.  There are some awesome items that you could win!    All you have to do is go read about it and either donate or share the link on social media somehow.   Go do it right now - these are awesome prizes!     Go ahead - I'll wait!


Do you have big plans for Mother's Day?    We're taking it easy here (my favourite kind of Mother's Day, honestly - I'm not a big fan of fighting the brunch crowds and whatnot) with a relaxing dinner at home - one of my favourites.  Mike will be on his way back from the weekend retreat, and Rascal #3 and I will head to Mass and then just veg at home waiting for the big boys.    My perfect Mother's Day, honestly!    I still have to finish my gift for my own mom (sorry, Mom - it won't be arriving this Sunday, I'll give it to you when you're here next week!), so I'll be working hard on that this weekend.   What do you have planned?  How do you celebrate Mother's Day?


Alright, my littlest rascal awaits!  Have a great weekend, all!


  1. What a fun weekend for the big guys. Prayers for all of you. Thanks for including our giveaway!

  2. Armpit stains are why I don't use antiperspirant anymore. I use plain old deodorant. I couldn't find a women's one that worked well (there aren't many options), so I ended up using the least manly scent of Old Spice, since that's what my husband uses. No armpit stains since!