Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quick Takes

Joining Jen again today!


Hi, all.   It's technically Thursday night and I'm pooped after spending hours out and about.   I loved every minute of it, but this introvert is exhausted and ready to retreat into my bedroom and close the door.    Tomorrow's going to be just as crazy as a day, though, so I'm trying to quick-take-it-up now before burrowing into my bed.   There's a chance that I won't come back out on time tomorrow.  Sometimes it's tough being such an introvert!!


Tomorrow's busy because, well.....I overbooked us, again.   Morning will be "normal," except that I need to get us started with school BEFORE 10 am (which never happens) so that we can be packed up and ready to leave the house for an 11:30 co-op.....and then go straight from co-op to gymnastics....then straight to gymnastics to dinner with friends......then straight from dinner to a diocesan event that a friend is speaking at.  All of these things are good and I want to do them......but I didn't realize how jam-packed they were all on one day.   By the time I roll into the driveway tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do anything but crack open a beer and collapse onto the couch.   Did I mention that Mike will be gone, on-call, all day and weekend, on top of that?   Eek!


Random question for you:   how often are you and/or your family sick?   I've been pondering this question a lot recently.  It seems like everywhere I turn - - one of our friends is stuck at home sick.   We're talking high fevers and highly contagious illnesses.   I probably shouldn't say anything in case I jinx it, but......we haven't gotten sick in A LONG time.   Like...YEARS.   We had a week of cold-like symptoms this past January during the height of flu season here that I kept expecting to turn into the flu, but it never happened.    Then once the winter before, Rascal #3 had a week of a fever and being extra grumpy/groggy.....but that was it.    I haven't had to make a sick visit to the doctors in over two years.   All conventional wisdom would say that we should be sick all of the time - none of the boys were exclusively house is NOT clean (germ-wise - I haven't owned a bottle of Lysol in years)....and their father practically bathes in blood born pathogens and bacteria all day long at work.   So why aren't we sick more?    The contemplative side of me is wondering if it has anything to do with changes in diet and environment, mainly moving towards a mainly veggie diet and removing almost all commercial cleaning products from the house.   We started that about two years ago....and since then...well....we haven't gotten sick.   I find it odd.   Very odd.    But interesting.   Thoughts?


How about some pictures?   Look what we built Mike for his birthday!!   (well.....the truth is HE built it, but it was OUR idea!)

Yeppers.   A fire pit.   It's beautiful and we've already used it twice, and we love it.   Found it at Lowe's, in the garden center.   All of the pieces and for-once-actually-helpful-directions.  LOVE IT!


What I don't love about it?

We have a stash of Reese's and Hershey's from s'more making.   They're taunting me from the pantry.  I am positive that I am not losing weight this week.    I'm also positive that there's only 1 Reese's left in a package of 8 and no one else ate any.  Whoops.


Meet Gladys

We inherited another chicken.   She's beautiful, and seems to be fitting in just fine.   It's a long story, but she's joined our family in honour of our buddy Brother Rex.   I love her.   


Last random note, but you all should try it.   I made a new recipe for dinner tonight:  a chicken piccata recipe from the Whole Foods website.  It was delicious.  All of the boys gobbled it up.  Highly highly recommend it.

.......and on that note, I'm finishing my wine and heading to bed.   Good night, y'all!  

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  1. Popping in from quick takes, and glad I did. I always enjoy finding another mom raising lots of boys and chickens!
    I'm guessing your healthy boys are benefitting both from the healthy food, but also your "germy" house. In order to build immunity, we need to come in contact with germs.