Monday, February 11, 2013

Why I Love My Husband - take 1

Joining Kaitlin today - and hopefully every Monday! - in her mission to " to reject a culture that says it's acceptable to tear down your husband," one blog post at a time....

I've also found myself incredibly saddened when I find a group of women - or even just one woman - trashing their husbands, or using him as a butt of a joke.  It's all over Facebook, it happens at playdates, or moms nights outs....wherever women congregate.   It's almost like we have to build ourselves up by tearing down the ONE person we're supposed to love and cherish above all others.  I've written about it before, here.  

So, I'm joining Kaitlin.   These posts aren't intended to "prove" to the world that Mike and I have a perfect marriage (we don't), or that our family is perfect (it's not).  It's my attempt to celebrate the strengths of a man I love, let him know that he's appreciated, and thank God for the blessing of him in my life.  


Why I love my husband - Take 1!

Today, I love Mike because he works hard.  His dedication and commitment to providing for our family is the reason why I'm still in my pajamas on a Monday morning at 9:30,  getting the last few things organized before starting our schooling for the day.

I am 100% aware of the fact that I am blessed - DAILY - with the opportunity to stay home and care for the boys (and homeschool) only because of Mike's ability to care of our temporal needs.   

Today, I love my husband because he shows us he loves us every day - by going to work when he's tired, or when he doesn't feel motivated to work, or when the weather's not so great.   He shows us his love by providing for our needs.

I'm grateful.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for joining! I hope you keep adding your links in the future!