Thursday, February 21, 2013


There's a lot going on in my head this Lent - I keep feeling this need to simplify...simplify everything...our diets....our schedules.....our house....simplify and re-focus.   I guess that's supposed to be the point of Lent, after all?   To force us all to slow down, detach ourselves from the chaos that is our earthly lives, and re-focus on Him.    Man, our Church is smart....  ;)

So we've been doing that at home, too.  Trying to slow things down, keep things calm and quiet (hahahahahahahahahaha YOU try doing that with three boys - talk about a Lenten penance!), and focus on our priorities (God and family).   Some days have better than others, but overall, I've been feeling a bit of focus come into my life over the past week.   For that, I'm very grateful.

In the spirit of keeping things's blog post is a collection of pictures from the past few days.   There'll be time for contemplation and wordy posts another day.....right now, I'm focusing on living in the moment with my rascals, and keeping us pointed toward God.  

The other night we took a "road trip" to Arizona by going to see an AZ friend speak in Boston

Chris, sharing his wife, Angela's, story

Dinner stop - reminiscing about playdates with Kara :)

Focusing on family = teaching Rascal #1 to cook dinner

Focusing on friends = all of us are working hard to keep the post office in business

Quiet story time after  Mass on Sunday

Focusing on family = teaching Rascal #3 to complete his chores

Letting in the sun <3

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