Saturday, February 16, 2013


I'm one exhausted introvert, after a week of appointments** and meetings, so bear with me as I take the easy way out of blogging and leave you with a picture post.  I'm off of Facebook for Lent, so I think most of these are new to most of you.   Not quite as easy to share our silly moments here at the house without that ever-so-easy "Share to Facebook" button to use!  

Here you have it - a glimpse into the Circus tent:

Oh, rascal never fail to crack me up

Just practicing his Latin counting...

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater
Mardi Gras might just be my favourite day of the year.....yummmmm jambalaya
Reason #2 for Mardi Gras joy:  hurricanes.  YUM.

The big boys made a great poster (thanks to my friend Cathy) - they'll add stones, forming a path to the cross, every time they perform some sort of sacrifice throughout Lent.

We tried a new recipe this week, subbing veggie broth for chicken broth - it's a "Panera" broccoli cheese soup.  It was delicious!  You can find the recipe here.

We scored some prickly pear fruit at the store this week, and after a minor mishap in peeling said fruit (OW!), we enjoyed some of the most delicious homemade juice ever!   Definitely made AZ feel a bit closer this week...

Rascal #1 made me a valentine.  :)

I had to leave you on a funny one.  Harry, our hamster, doesn't appear to like Mike that much - he sees Mike coming, and he contorts himself into this tube in an attempt to protect himself from Mike.  haha.  Mike has to lure him out with pieces of food in order to help the kiddos clean out Harry's cage......this hamster's a rascal!

** Thank you for all of the prayers this week - all of our appointments went well.  We won't know more about Rascal #3's echocardiogram for awhile, but it appears that nothing serious is going on.  We will keep you all updated!

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  1. Another benefit of Facebook, the "Like" button! like like like like, etc :)

    Your jambalaya looks fantastic.