Saturday, February 23, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (cough cough Saturday), volume 2

Little early this weekend, but joining up with the gang over at Fine Linen and Purple again this week!   We chose to go to a vigil Mass this weekend, hoping to beat the possible snowstorm that is coming overnight tonight if it does actually come (right now the meteorologists are a 50-50 split.  Either the world is coming to an end in snowfall.......or nothing.  We'll see what I wake up to tomorrow!).

So the boys and I did a bit of driving around - stopping at one parish for our monthly Confession trip, then swinging by Daddy's hospital for a quick visit, then going to our regular parish for Mass.   A bit more driving than we usually do on our Saturday afternoon/evenings, since I usually split it into two different days, but it worked.  We're all safe and warm at home now, and fulfilled our Sunday obligation at the same time.

Anywho, today's outfit isn't too special - it's my go to outfit for busy Church outings because it's uber comfortable.   It's also the one I reach for when it's one of those days where you just feel bloated and gross and undermotivated to look cute (girls, I think you know what I mean), which happened to be today for me.   Never fails - days with tons of lack of motivation always seem to be the days that I have the most running around to do.  Is it like that for everyone else, too?

Alright.....the kiddos are antsy and hitting that witching hour moment where I *need* to stop what I'm doing and get them into bed before meltdowns happen..........

(Don't forget that you can click on the picture to make them bigger....just a warning for the last picture in the post!)

Daddy snuck in at the last minute, between pages at work!  :)  Caught in action by a cute little old lady who was delighted to take our picture but totally confused by my iPhone.  heehee

I'll save everyone some time - the entire outfit, head-to-toe, is from Target.   Again....I'm an efficient shopper.  ;)

And because I'm feeling uber generous today, leaving you with a giggle from earlier.  We had school lessons to complete today, since we had the week-o-playdates this past week.  I left Rascal #2 at the kitchen table with the instructions to write his own short story (he's working on learning how to read and write).    I walked away, the scene looking like this:

Oh so studious Rascal #2

And came back to find THIS story.  Sigh.  He's such a boy.

I did touch it up to remove his name......he didn't end with a preposition, gasp!

Have a great week, y'all!

ETA:  I almost forgot to post the boys' mass grades!  This week was fantastic, which may or may not have been the direct result of a bribe for a take-out dinner of their choice on the way home from church.....

Rascal #1: A
Rascal #2:  A+
Rascal #3:  A


  1. My mom used to bribe me with Dairy Queen if I was good during my girl scout meetings! It's totally acceptable for certain kids. I ended up telling her, "I wasn't good enough for DQ tonite," every once in a while. So, I learned something? ;-)

    Anyway, I don't know where you're at, but I used to live in FL and whenever they threatened (or excited us) with a "freak" snowstorm, it was seriously, ALWAYS frost... and that's it. So tragic. Let us know if it's something more exciting!

  2. You look so cute! LOVE Target. When my shopping list says: apples, cabinet knobs, Armorall, a new skirt, and gummy vitamins, it's the only place to go!

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Efficient indeed...I love Target's stuff, too! And that story is hilariously adorable =)

  4. Love the stripes! Great Target finds. :)

  5. I am giggling out loud at your son's story. And I love all your family's stripes! Def'ly important to have a go-to outfit

  6. I love grey and black together! And I have lots of "comfy" outfits for "those" days!

  7. That's a pretty nice outfit for the 'bloated gross' days! My go-to lazy outfit is all black with a scarf. Because then I look "artistic". Or that's what I tell myself.

  8. Go Target go! I love the striped top and monochromatic color blocking. I see no "bloated gross" anywhere. You look lovely. Happy Snow Day!