Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's blessing: Malcolm

Okay, so I'm kind of cheating with this picture.  I didn't take it, but instead, it's from a website that I saw this morning.  Even though I didn't take it, I can honestly say that this little guy has been my biggest blessing today.  


Malcolm is about to turn 5. He's in an orphanage in Russia.  He's got cerebral palsy.  He's beautiful.  However, this birthday is kind of a sad one.  When he turns five, he'll be moved into an institution, because he'll be too old for the "baby home" he's in now.  Malcolm needs a forever family.  I wish we were his forever family - he's adorable and oh-so-sweet.

You probably still haven't figured out why he's today's blessing.

You see, his picture is listed on a website where we found our Peter.  On this website, each child has a sponsorship fund set up.   Adoption is a very, very expensive process (Malcolm's adoption is probably going to cost around $35,000).  This website does its best to advocate for orphans - especially those with special needs - and help raise money that will go towards their adoption costs.  It helps to make the process a bit less expensive for families, and hopefully that encourages people to actually go through with adoption when they want to, but are afraid of the costs.  

The children who have over $2500 in their fund have incredibly higher chances of finding a forever family, and so a friend, knowing that Malcolm was getting really close to being moved to that institution, decided to try and get the word out about him.

He's today's blessing because in the last 6 or 7 hours, he's had over $1500 in donations pour into his fund.  As I write this, his fund sits at $3533.72!!!!   The generosity and compassion that has been poured onto Malcolm today is my blessing - it's reminding me that we are truly a part of a giant family, spread throughout the world, and there ARE people out there who care for those around them, even if they've never met.   At times, it feels like the whole world is just out for themselves....and no one cares who gets stepped on during the process of getting ahead.

Malcolm has blessed me today with a reminder that people ARE inherently good, compassionate, and loving.  

Thanks, Malcolm!

If you want to learn more about Malcolm, check him out at Reece's Rainbow! 

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  1. Thank you for giving me my blessing today. What a great story. Prayers for Malcom and his forever home.