Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday's blessing

It's been a rough day over here.   We're all battling head colds, and if the boys feel anything like I do today (hello, sinus pressure!!!), I can totally understand their grumpy attitudes.  I'm kind of grumpy too.

But in spite of our illness and grumpiness, I had my eyes open for a blessing.   Once challenged, I don't like to back down..even for a nasty head cold!

Seeing as we spent all day in our pajamas, watching TV and eating comfort foods, I had to keep us entertained.   One thing my boys do not do well is sit around and relax.   TV doesn't really work here at our house, and it takes a Herculean effort to keep them still and calm.  

I pulled out an activity that I'd had stashed away for a day where we'd be at home.  I originally bought the supplies in anticipation of a fundraiser for our future adoption, as a way to get the boys involved in our adoption efforts.

So today's blessing comes to you in the form of handmade (by us!) wooden rosaries:

Why is this today's blessing?  For multiple reasons:

- I feel blessed to have a family who will do crafts like this together (Mike and I made the small brown one, and the boys made the big, colourful one), without complaining.  I love having a family who is willing to put up with my need to create things.

-  I have a very special appreciation for this tradition of our faith.  I love the rosary.  One of the things I love most about being Catholic is the incredibly richness of our faith.  There are sounds, smells, items, rituals that are unique to living the Catholic faith.  The rosary is one of those items for me:  I can remember praying it in elementary school, with my classes.  I can hear it being prayed before weekend masses.  I sought out everything I could find on the history of the rosary, and the tradition of praying the rosary before heading to Fatima, Portugal, this past summer, and that learning led me into a deeper love for the rosary, and for the Virgin Mary.  I feel truly blessed to be able to have this special way to express my faith and to deepen my prayer life.

So today's blessing came to be in the form of a wooden rosary, giggles of little boys as they knotted the beads together, and a chance to appreciate our faith as a family.

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  1. Such beautiful rosaries at that! Family crafts are so fun. We also like to cook together, I think it just makes that bond alittle tighter and lovlier. :)
    I also love the rosary, the prayers always lead to Jesus and a deaper faith. It is hard to discribe the peace and love one feels with this set of prayers.