Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Update

It's going to be a bit sparse around Where's My List? this week - we have company in town, and it's making it a bit difficult to get to the computer for an extended period of time.  Things are going well - we're just very, very busy.

We're also taking this week off of school in order to enjoy our time with our visiting family.  The boys are quite happy about a week "vacation," and I'm enjoying the chance to deep clean our school supplies and desks.   It's amazing how much can accumulate in one little boy's desk drawer!

For now, here is a quick picture update (Don't forget - you can click on the picture to see in in a larger size):

 Waiting for Grandma and Papa at the airport

Enjoying the Christmas lights (which were timed to Christmas music) at the nearby shopping mall.

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