Friday, November 18, 2011

Good morning, sunshine!

I've been trying to get up earlier the past two days (since the parent meeting I spoke about in my last blog post), and it seems to be really working for changing my day around. Father wasn't kidding when he said that if I started my day with prayer, God would take over and lead me through the rest of the day!

Even yesterday, when the kids were beyond cranky and grumpy (we'd had the chaotic day on Wednesday, and then they went to bed late and got up early - thanks to our wonderful neighbour who decides to start running - and revving - his sports car at 6:40 every morning, right next to the boys' bedroom windows), I managed to keep it together and keep my mood positive. There was only one instance of snapping at the kids (which for me is good on days of grumpies, like yesterday), and I do think it was slightly justified, as there was major whining, yelling and fighting....all during Phoenix rush hour traffic.

Today has started the same way - it's just barely 9 am, and the day is already going smoothly. The house is cleaned up, breakfast is done, laundry is running, and the kids are happily playing outside (with a real, grass yard - thank God!). We're about to head into school for our last day of work before Thanksgiving break, but I thought I'd share a few pictures from the morning. Enjoy!

Working hard on his sticker collection in the sunshine

Gotta love the creativity of children!

Goofballs, playing with their new "playhouse"

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