Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Don't forget to join in!

Today's Mike's birthday, so first off, I'm thankful for the gift of Mike.  Thankful for the family who helped him become the man he is today, and thankful that God brought him into my life.  I couldn't ask for a better best friend, husband, or father to our boys!

It's a good day - lots to feel grateful for.   In no particular is my Thankful Thursday list!

- the sun shining in the through the windows
- the windows that are OPEN because it's finally warm enough to open all of the windows!  Woot!
- The random sudden motivation the boys found today that helped them to finish their schoolwork AND clean the first floor of the house (you should see the playroom!  I feel like I've died and gone to Heaven) with me before lunch this morning!
- the laundry hanging on the clothesline and blowing in the breeze.  It just makes me happy.
- anticipation of a playdate tomorrow at the local wildlife park
- finally having the financial ability to make landscaping plans for our house
- a bank that caught the fact that my card had been compromised, and acted immediately
- the ability to attend the state youth convention this year with my entire family - at an oceanside resort this weekend.  It's a mini-vacation with some of my favourite people in the world!  :)

How about you?

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