Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Takes, Naptime edition!

Thanks to the wonderful Jen  for hosting!


I still have photos left from our wonderful vacation to Northern MI, so we're going to have a little fun today.    You kids did some fun tricks over vacation.   (The adults did similar ones, too, but only after indulging in some adult beverages).   What kind of tricks did my rascals do?

I present to you:  "Crazy Sleeping Positions, In Pictures."


The boat will do it to you every time.....sun, white noise (the motor), playing in the all adds up to a really good nap!

Rascal #2

Rascal #3 - still guarding his crackers, while asleep


And then there was the plane.....the boys conquered the tiny spaces and slept like babies!


We can't forget the car.   There were a few instances of sleeping, sitting straight up...


Can you find the sleeping child?


They tried so hard to stay awake during the Olympic opening ceremonies.   Sleep was too powerful, though.....


This one's my favourite.  It's a plane shot like the ones above, but it was so cute, I couldn't help but save it for the end.   Rascal #3 curled up, covered himself with my sweater, and cuddled his Dog-dog for the flight, snoring loudly the entire time.  haha


  1. This post took me back to those wonderful days of little-kid vacations. I have so many cute pictures of my boys sound asleep after playing so hard and having so much fun they just dropped where they landed (often sitting straight up at the restaurant during supper). Enjoy!!