Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chinese takeout....or awesome storage?

Not sure why this never crossed my mind before, but I'm super glad it did last night!

I needed to decorate Rascal #1's birthday cake last night and needed no interruptions, so I was digging through my pantry to find some "busy work" for the kids to do that made them feel like they were helping.   Enter a HUUUUGGGEEEE box of plastic utensils that had never been sorted after our last bbq - instead, they were all jumbled together and pretty much a useless mess.

Bingo!  I thought - I'll have the kids sort plastic utensils (one of my least favourite jobs in the whole wide world).  But will I have them sort the forks, knives, and spoons into?

....and then I stumbled onto one of my most brilliant ideas. 


I present to you:  the most awesomest plastic utensil storage EVER.

Step 1:  Take empty, plastic to-go containers (clean, of course!)

Step 2:  Have your kids sort utensils into the clean containers

Step 3:  Stack and store!   See-through lids mean no labeling is necessary, and they stack beautifully on a pantry or cupboard shelf!  Woo-hoo!!

And for all of you who love to see birthday cakes, here's last night's creation - an Angry Birds Space cake!

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  1. You are so innovative! ;)

    Our Chinese doesn't come in those containers! I wish it did!!!