Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo dump.....

.....because I can.  

Mike took the rascals to the splash pad, fantastically picking up on my hint to cook dinner in peace and quiet (well in peace and the Audrey Assad radio station on Pandora).   No one tell him that dinner is bbq ribs cooked in the oven, so pretty much the easiest thing EVER to make.   Shhhhhhh...that can be our little secret.

So, what do I do with my 30 minutes of peace and Audrey?

Dump a ton of photos on you guys that I've been meaning to share and haven't gotten around to taking off of my phone and putting them on my computer.....cannot WAIT until our phone contract is up for renewal (TWO DAYS!  Woot!) and I can get me a nice iPhone on the cheap instead of the Droid I currently have and all of our devices/technology will finally play nice sounds fantastic.

Anywho, enjoy the pictures and don't forget you can click on them to see them in a larger size!

One of the best things about AZ?  Top-your-own frozen yogurt places....especially ones that paint their walls in dry erase paint and give 3 year olds dry erase markers.....Eek!

Rascal #2 was NOT impressed with my photo op request at the historical museum

Following in the family tradition, maybe?  He seems a natural!

One BIG problem with this display (other than all of those creepy eyes).   We were at a HISTORICAL MUSEUM.

I had at least 1/2 of those dolls.  I.AM.NOT.GETTING.OLD.  That is all.

Even our fortune cookies know we're totally addicted to the Olympics!

Rascal #1's gift from us:  Top is covered with Lego building bases (yay, gorilla glue!), two empty shelves for displaying his creations, and two bins for Lego storage.  He LOVED it!

One downside to watching the Olympics:  a bunch of rascals wanting to learn how to play volleyball.....but all against me at once!  Ack!

What do we do on a hot summer desert night?  Water balloons, of course!

Watch out - Daddy's coming to get you!

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