Friday, December 9, 2011


Remember this post from a few days ago?  Sometimes I think that God is laughing at me when I open my mouth and say something, and then BOOM! that exact thing that I was talking me about ends up slapping me in the face.  I think I set myself up for the past three days....all that talk of preventing feeling stressed and all. 

It all started Tuesday with a chipped tooth during a routine game of Tag.   Not a big deal, just needed to work in a dental appointment for the child.  That phone call was followed by a simple question from the 7 year old:  "Hey, Mom, don't you have a doctor's appointment today?  Um, yep, he was right.   I'd managed to fully book our entire day, with barely minutes to spare.  The poor kids, who'd gotten used to actually living outside of our car (unlike last year, where we spent HOURS a day in the car, driving to and from the big kids' schools), were forced to spend almost two whole days rushing to and from appointments and other obligations. 

Whoops.  Enter in the stress.  ;-)

But today will be different.  I declare today to be a pajama day at school.  Maybe we'll do some baking after school is over.  Or maybe not, because we'll be having too much fun playing ball in the backyard.  Who knows....we'll have no schedule.

All I know is this:  I'm never setting myself up for something like that again!  Have a great day!

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