Friday, December 2, 2011

Crafty children

My boys love to create.  I swear, I go through more construction paper, glue, tape, pipe cleaners, foam stickers, and crayons than a first grade teacher, I think.   While I love watching them use their creativity, it is definitely an exercise in patience and charity for me when they decide to make a new creation.  You see, I'm not a big fan of messes.  I'm also not a big fan of things taking a long time.  God definitely gave me three little artistic boys for a reason - I'm pretty sure they were sent my way purely to help me grow in virtue.  ;-)

Today was no exception - they decided they wanted to have some craft time.  I didn't have anything planned, so I pulled out a box of random supplies and let them at it.  The results were awfully cute!!


I do love watching them work together on something.  That is definitely a plus of their creative streak.

He was creating a wreath out of pipe cleaners, with no instruction from me.

I was very impressed with how it turned out!!

In my defense, I do also like to make things.   I enjoy many different kinds of crafts - I'm guessing that's where they got it from.  The other day, I cut out felt pieces for our classroom Advent wreath.  Baby #1 spent about an hour arranging it perfectly on our felt board.  I'm using it to teach them about Advent and what the wreath means (but I did "light" all of the candles just for this picture....)

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. AH! Your kiddos are so adorable! I miss you guys! Also, guess who has a clinical psych grad program? That's right, I'm actually looking into Arizona as a school to apply to.