Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vacation 2011-2012: Sedona

We decided to celebrate the end of one good year and ring in the new year with our favourite kind of family vacation:  a road trip!  Starting with a few day trips from home (we haven't really explored around here yet!), the picture taking has already been.....ummmmm.....intense.  We're leaving for a jaunt up the Pacific coast tomorrow, and I'm sure the camera will get quite the workout.  Because of that, I decided to do installments of picture posts.  Here are installments #1 and #2:  Tucson and Sedona.  Enjoy!!

Their first look at the red rocks : from the visitor's center

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  1. Love it! Simone was surprised by the rocks and the lack of snow. She expected snow for some reason! Have a safe trip!