Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Road Trip Preparation

I've got a few fun craft projects ahead of me, in preparation for our road trip.  I'll share them here, so keep looking for them!  :-)

Tonight's craft?

Road trip binders for each boy.   It took me about 2 hours to do all of it, from start to finish, and I already had some of the supplies on hand, so they ended up being about $8 each.

Check it out!

Start with a few simple supplies:  binder, blank paper, laminating sheets, and crayons.   Cost?  $0.  I had all of this on hand, in our homeschooling supplies

Decorate the binders - My boys are VERY MUCH into Angry Birds right now, so I went with that for the theme

Fill the inside with fun goodies.   I made an "I-spy" bag for each boy, coloured pencils, and a couple of folders.   Cost?  $2 for the coloured pencils, $2 for the pencil bag, $1 for the folders, and $3 for the beads.

Close up of the I-spy bag.  I filled it with shaped beads, and just regular pony beads.   I super-glued the zipper shut, to keep the beads from falling out.

I cut the pencil box into two pieces, and then covered it with my trusty glue gun and some scrap fabric.  I hot-glued it to the binder, along with a list of items to look for in the i-spy bag.

I had a bunch of unused colouring books and workbooks that I'd bought on clearance right after the back to school season at the store.   This came from that stash, so no new costs.

The second folder I filled with blank computer paper, and a supply of construction paper.   Again, this came from our homeschooling stash, so no new purchase.

I'm excited to have the boys play with them.   This will be our "new toy" on Day One of the move.  I'm pretty sure this will keep them pretty busy for awhile in the car - and be able to be used for the rest of the week on the road.   

You could easily fill the folders up with items that would keep your kids' interests - stickers, foam projects, books, puzzles....anything!  

I'll let you know how they make it through the drive!  

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