Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Takes

Thanks to Grace for guest-hosting while Jen is off doing the only reality show I'm actually counting down the minutes until it's on TV!  :-)


Let's see.   What's new here?   In fun news, my tooth saga from May/June is not over.  I've spent the good majority of this week at different dentists and specialists getting all these fun scans done of my mouth.   The diagnosis so far?  No one knows.  Let me tell you how reassuring it is to know that your tooth has officially stumped people who have been in practice a combined 50 years.   Sigh.   Looks like it's going to end up meaning that the tooth is extracted within the next few months, and we'll go from there.   Maybe we'll be able to get some answers at that point.


Wanna see the cause for concern?   Here's a beautiful pic, courtesy of my dentist:

See the last tooth?  The one with the rods in the roots (it's the one that I had a root canal done on in June).  See how much higher it is than the rest of them?   Yep.   It's moved that much in 3 short months, and it's taking the bone along with it on the ride.   So what has my body done?  Created more bone to fill the spaces.   Apparently my jaw wasn't cool enough, at least in my body's perspective.   They had to  mix things up a bit.  ;-)


In other news, I have a carrot cake in the oven and it smells DEE.LIC.IOUS.   Cannot wait to cut into that baby tonight.


Mike and I went to see the 25th anniversary touring production of Les Miserables last night at Arizona State.   We were both a bit hesitant to go, after reading descriptions of the changes that had been made to the score and staging.   However, we were incredibly pleasantly surprised.  It was absolutely fantastic.   I, of course, didn't think ahead after being totally brain dead from my day of dental exams and scans.   Not sure why I didn't recall Les Mis makes me cry, but I didn't.   And I bawled (expectedly).   God bless the woman next to me who brought an extra pack of Kleenex!   She saved my shirtsleeve from being put to use.  Very grateful!

Want some pictures?   Of course you do!  

What have we been drinking every night that Mike's not on call?   Oberon, of course!  It's not sold in Maine.  Gotta get our fill now.  :-)   

A photo to make you jealous.  :-)


What greeted me this morning as I cleaned up the kitchen and made some phone calls after breakfast:

My kids crack me up.


And in moving news, we now have exactly 12 days until we head out on the road again.  Is the house packed, you may wonder?


Not at all.

We've got about 15 boxes filled.  Not bad, right?   I'm trying to avoid them.  We finished up school this week, so next on my to-do list for next week is to box that room up entirely.   That'll make a huge dent in what needs to be done still.   Maybe then I'll feel a bit more accomplished!

Alright, that's a lot about a little!  Have a great weekend, y'all!

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  1. I've packed a whole house in one day before. Procrastinators unite.... tomorrow! Right? lol