Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick takes, vol 4

Thank you to Jen for hosting! 


I'm sitting here, trying to write this Quick Takes while watching House Hunters International.  I should be sleeping, but I can't stop watching.  They're in Lima, Peru, which is one of those places I've always wanted to visit.  I can't seem to turn it off.


I'm pooped.  This quick takes are probably going to be totally disjointed.  We took an crazy quick trip this weekend, from Arizona all the way over to Maine for a long weekend.  Then, we jumped right back into normal life with our normal, crazy schedule, and my body is falling behind.  I did manage to get on the treadmill and run today, but wasn't pretty.


But I HAD to get on the treadmill and run.  My first 5k is coming up quickly (in a little over a month!), and my goal is to actually RUN the entire 5k.  I've walked/jogged them before, but I'd really like to actually run one from start to finish this time.  I've got to keep working towards that goal, even though all I want to do is sleep!


On a good note, our quick trip to Maine was fabulous.  Saw great friends, drank some Polar seltzer water (YUM), did some LL Bean shopping, and stayed in an adorable bed-and-breakfast.    It was a great trip. 



Proof of #4.


I'm proud of Rascal #1 and #2 - they are both starting a competitive gymnastics season, and they're both excelling.   Rascal #1 is currently the "gymnast of the month" at the gym, and Rascal #2 has been the gymnast of the day (their coach chooses one gymnast each practice who really worked hard that day) for the past two practices.  They're really loving gymnastics, and I'm proud of them for working so hard!


The boys got into the recycling bin the other day and created a new friend/robot.   I love their creativity!!!


  1. Good luck on your 5K! I'm a (slow) runner, myself, and a good 5K is a big deal! :) Have fun.

  2. A quick trip to Maine from AZ?!? Wow. And we LOVE House Hunters International. As soon as my husband gets home, our two year old will run up to him and ask to "watch houses?"

  3. House Hunters is one of my fav shows. I haven't watched it in a long time because it depresses me. But once I finally have my own house, I'm gonna go on a HH binge.